Intelligent PDF OCR Processing

AutoOCR integrates an intelligent OCR processing which works either with ABBYY FineReader Engine or IOCR in the same way. This can be controlled per input folder or with the Web service interface via the OCR profile and is available both for the PDF> PDF and the PDF> TXT processing.


Intelligent OCR Processing

This can be controlled per input folder or with the Web service interface via the OCR profile and is available both for the PDF> PDF and the PDF> TXT processing.


Free Windows client to be used for AutoOCR server to the OCR processing from any Windows workstation on the network / internet. DropOCR is installed as a tray icon application and has an expandable “drop zone” as well as a local hot folder. The document is transmitted via web-service to the common AutoOCR server, where it is processed and returned to the client afterwards as PDF(/ A) file.


An unlimited IOCR standard OCR engine is integrated in AutoOCR. This is characterized by a high processing speed, can handle as input image files and PDFs to create searchable PDFs from it.

AutoOCR as Alfresco Transformer

An AMP Install module provides a direct integration of AutoOCR with Alfresco. OCR therefore is available for Alfresco as a dynamically configurable Transformer.


With a command line invocation PDF documents and image documents can be converted via a web service interface from any workstation via a central AutoOCR server (on the local network or the Internet) to searchable PDF or PDF / A. It is also possible to obtain only the recognized text to a file. The use of OCR server profiles, the OCR engine (ABBYY or IOCR), processing parameters and Language can be controlled and selected.

ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY OCR technologies are known worldwide for exceptional accuracy in the detection of European and Asian languages. Multilingual OCR in 199 languages (incl. Latin, Greek, Cyrillic alphabets, Chinese, Japanese, Korean).


OCR processor – Generates searchable PDF and PDF/A documents.

AutoOCR is an OCR processor watching pre-defined folders, converting automatically new added or changed image documents to fulltext searchable PDF or PDF/A documents.

Due to the modular and flexible design AutoOCR can not only use a specific OCR engine, but can also integrate several different OCR engines and use parallel. AutoOCR can therefore always be adapted and extended to new OCR developments and products - and the user may, depending on requirements, select the most appropriate solution for him.


30 days DEMO at the workplace!
With a license to the full version.

AutoOCR TEST Webseite

FileConverterPro Android App


V 1.17.2
incl. iOCR Engine


FREE V 1.4.0
AutoOCR Client




FREE V 1.04

AutoOCR Light

V 1.17.2
incl. iOCR Engine


OCR Engine Windows
only in conjunction with our products

Please note Windows Service – access to network resources – what to consider? Information in PDFBlog

Integration / SDK

Android App for FileConverterPro

Conversion of the main document formats to PDF, PDF / A incl. OCR. Via ZIP container multiple files can be combined into an overall PDF (Merge). More in our Blog

ownCloud Integration

With this integration you will be able to map mimetypes with different predefined setting profiles (AutoOCR / FileConverter Pro). More in our Blog

Android Library for FileConverterPro

On the basis of this library our FileConverterPro Android App was developed. This library can also be used as a basis for Java applications on other platforms. More in our Blog

Node.js Library

To implement the test Web pages for FileConverterPro and AutoOCR, we have used the most advanced tools of web software development. More at GitHub

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