AutoOCR overview

Intelligent OCR Processing

This can be controlled per input folder or with the Web service interface via the OCR profile and is available both for the PDF> PDF and the PDF> TXT processing.

SOAP Web-Service / REST

AutoOCR can be accessed via HTTP as OCR service. A C # WCF – sample application, as well as a PHP REST Library are available for free


An unlimited IOCR standard OCR engine is integrated in AutoOCR. This is characterized by a high processing speed, can handle as input image files and PDFs to create searchable PDFs from it.


Free Tool, which meets all requirements of monitoring one or more folders, to move or copy their content into a target folder. This can be done instantly, time-delayed, at a set time or in regularly recurring intervals.

DropOCR (WebService)

Free Windows client to be used for AutoOCR server to the OCR processing from any Windows workstation on the network / internet. DropOCR is installed as a tray icon application and has an expandable “drop zone” as well as a local hot folder. The document is transmitted via web-service to the common AutoOCR server, where it is processed and returned to the client afterwards as PDF(/ A) file.

FineOCR (WebService)

With a command line invocation PDF documents and image documents can be converted via a web service interface from any workstation via a central AutoOCR server (on the local network or the Internet) to searchable PDF or PDF / A. It is also possible to obtain only the recognized text to a file. The use of OCR server profiles, the OCR engine (ABBYY or IOCR), processing parameters and Language can be controlled and selected.

More about AutoOCR

Features, licensing and activation

OCR processor – Generates searchable PDF and PDF/A documents. AutoOCR is an OCR processor watching pre-defined folders, converting automatically new added or changed image documents to fulltext searchable PDF or PDF/A documents.

AutoOCR Light: The basic functions are the same like AutoOCR just restricted to one folder. There is no WebService and there will be only iOCR Engine available for text recognition. Configuration options minimized! Therefor inexpensive and perfect for small applications.

Intelligente PDF OCR Verarbeitung
AutoOCR integrates an intelligent OCR processing. This can be controlled per input folder or with the Web service interface via the OCR profile and is available both for the PDF> PDF and the PDF> TXT processing.

The OmniPage OCR Engine can be activated for AutoOCR or AutoOCRLight as of version 2.0.7 as an option in addition to the iOCR (Tesseract OCR) and is already included in the AutoOCR setup. For AutoOCRLight, the OmniPage OCR can be separately downloaded and installed.

Windows Service
During installation, you can select whether the application should be installed as a normal application or as a service. No user interface, the OCR processing works in the background.

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Of course you can also inquire directly and get an offer from us for your order.

The products are installed as a DEMO version at the workplace and can be tested with all functions for 30 days. Afterwards, the software must be activated as a full version, otherwise a DEMO stamp will be applied to the generated documents.

The products are licensed according to your order for the workstation, terminal server or server.

The licenses are tied to the workplace where it was activated first. Licenses can be transferred.

When you purchase a full license, you will receive access data from the ProductActivationManager and activate your DEMO version as a full version. The activation key is called via a server installed in our house and accessible via the Internet.

Product Activation

You can activate the products by clicking the user interface on the button “Activate” in the “Info” or “About” or start the Product Activation Manager directly via Start | Programs | Your Product | Product Activation Manager.

Activate Application: ONLINE (Video: PAM – ONLINE Activation)

Activate the product with user ID and password. Select the Application (left side) and then “Activate Application”. You will be prompted for user ID and password and then see all the remaining free licenses to choose from. Select one and click “OK” – Activation Complete! This variant requires an internet connection!

Please note that the licenses are hardware bound. The use on another computer is possible only through a prior release (MOVE) of the already activated licenses.

Move license (to new PC) (Video: PAM – MOVE License)

This option allows to transfer a license to a different PC. Input of UserID und Passwort is necessary! Product will remain as demo version on your PC.

OLD PC: ProductActivationManager | select license | „Move License“ Button | Username / Password | OK

NEW PC: ProductActivationManager | select application | „Activate Application“ Button | Username / Password | select license | OK




V 2.0.4 Download

incl. iOCR Engine


V 2.0.7 Download

incl. iOCR Engine

OmniPage OCR Engine

V 1.0.0 Download

25.000 pages per month for client OS – Windows 7/10

30 days DEMO at workplace! With license to the full version. Requires administrator rights for the installation! Installation notes in the PDFBlog
Windows 7 bis 10 – 32 und 64bit. Windows Server 2008 bis 2016. AutoOCR TEST Webseite
Please note Windows Service – access to network resources – what to consider? Information in PDFBlog

! VERSION 2 AutoOCRLight can not be activated with a previous version 1 license. A new license is needed!
OmniPage OCR Engine – more info in PDFBlog

FREE tools for AutoOCR


V 1.4.0 Download

FREE AutoOCR Client


V 1.04 Download

FREE Commandline Client


V 1.3.5 Download

FREE Copy Tool



FREE Webservice Sample


Choose the right product


from EUR 600,-
  • OCR processor - generates searchable PDF and PDF / A documents
  • Option: PDF/A | WebService

AutoOCR Light

EUR 120,-
  • The basic functions are the same as with AutoOCR, but limited to a folder. There is no web service and as an OCR engine only the unlimited iOCR is available. Configuration options minimized!

OmniPage OCR Engine

EUR 350,-
  • Option for AutoOCR and AutoOCR Light
  • 25.000 pages per month for Client OS – Windows 7 / 10